About Us

About Focus Sound and Light

Focus sound and Light was born out of its founders desire to create a specialist technical provider with an unique approach. Chris Griffith, our founder, having had well over 20 years of wide ranging industry experience as part of companies large and small is a firm believer in a few “old fashioned” values – specifically those of providing really good value for money and a personal, attentive service. It works – we take great pride in that many of our customers have been with us for many years, appreciating our approach. But to develop long term relationships it is vital that we continually develop and improve our service and our products and never stand still. This desire to continually improve whilst providing the best one to one service is what really drives us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As part of our unique approach we tend to think in our own direction when it comes to choosing the very best equipment and people for our projects rather than following the crowd with what everyone else is buying and doing. Whilst some pieces of equipment are industry standard, others are more unusual, but what unites every decision is that it is always the best solution for our requirements. This allows us to develop better designs, provide better quality solutions and provide very high value for money production.

Our vision for the future is that we continue to find, use and develop new and exciting technologies that are relevant to us and our customers, and that we continue to provide a truly personal service to new and existing customers, events and installations. “Run of the mill”, impersonal products and services don’t interest us much, lets leave those to the others!…